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20 Nov 2012


dr. dresing & pehl



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Review by George Norman (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 20 Nov 2012

The f4 application was purpose-built to meet the need to easily and efficiently transcribe recorded audio or video conversations. Just load an audio or a video file into the application, type away, and then save your transcription – it is as simple as that.

When you run the f4free installation file, a setup wizard shows up and asks you to pick one of two languages: English or French. A few clicks later you will walk through the setup wizard and you’ll be done with the installation process. When you launch f4free for the first time, you will once again be asked to pick one of the supported languages – just that this time Spanish and French are presented alongside English and German.

The application’s interface is divided into two panes: the pane at the top presents the transcription you’re working on while the pane at the bottom presents the file loaded as waveform. If you load a video file, you will also get to see a floating player window. Click the from the upper left hand side of the interface to access the Options menu and play with a few settings.

Using f4free is an incredibly simple 3-step process:
Step 1 – load an audio or a video file. The audio will be displayed as waveform, the video will be presented in a floating window.
Step 2 – listen and type away. Time stamps can be added automatically or manually, you can use pedals, backups are performed automatically, and other features are provided so you can quickly and efficiently get the job done.
Step 3 – save your transcription.

As mentioned above, f4free is the free version of the f4 transcription program. This free version will only play the first 10 minutes of a media file. For unlimited replay, you need to get f4pro or f4plus, which are the paid versions of the f4 application.

f4 is a must have tool for anyone who is interested in transcribing conversations from audio or video files.


f4free provides support for multiple languages. Using the application is a very simple process; powerful functionality is provided so you can efficiently transcribe audio. It presents video in a floating video. f4free is free.


The application only plays the first 10 minutes from a media file.



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